Dopplegangers & Demo

Each floor of our home is roughly 1250 square feet, or 115 square meters for all non US friends.

Two months in, and about 80% of the basement & the first floor have been taken down to studs; what remains is lots of denailing, removing of wall frames, one toxic bathroom, and final clean up.

As we began the top floor this weekend, we tried a new approach; FULLY finish one room — top to bottom, each and every nail - before moving on. We started in the front of the home in the bonus room above the staircase. The room is 7'x10', with 10' ceilings and a small closet.


One thing we’ve come to realize, there’s always something new or unforeseen in each room. As the plaster & lath started to come down, we began finding pile upon pile of fluffy insulation. so much so, it made seeing through the dust a challenge, especially when the bright autumn sun was shining right into the window.

The shop vac came in handy, but we had to keep a close eye on it; emptying it frequently, and focusing on cleaning the filter were essential. The amount of insulation around the ceiling seemed endless.

As I sat on the top of the ladder pulling nails from the support beams above my head, Carl moved at lighting pace. Sometimes I feel as though he has a doppelganger helping him out.

Carl & his doppleganger, Gustav (& yes this pano is one photo — no editing)

But we kept at it, and by 4 pm Sunday had finalized the entire room. success.

We decided to wrap up with a beer and a burger. We sat at the bar discussing what the front door would look like, amidst a leather clad biker bar while Metalica raged in the background. Somehow I doubt anyone noticed just how filthy we actually were. We’re looking to replace the front door with two separate entry doors for each unit, optimizing the space behind and providing more privacy to each unit. It felt good to remember that that after all this dirty work, there will indeed be a home of our own.

& the rock music blared on ..