The Before

the first offical photo

I’m in the midst of looking for more information on our home’s original owners; who was the architect, who commissioned the building and who were the first families that lived there, not to mention, what was the purpose of the massive half ton matching stones in our side lot?? I found a great City of Chicago website that I will use to start that mission. .. but more on that later.

Below are the pictures I took the first week we owned the property.

Inner Entryway, left door to upstairs apartment, right door to main floor (Left) & First Floor entry hall
The First Floor Apartment. Main Living & Dining. Original wood built-ins and hard wood floors.

Warning… the below are the less attractive, but essential for documentation!

First Floor Apt, Bedroom 1
First Floor Apt, Entries to Bedroom 2 & 3
First Floor, Bedroom 2 & 3
First Floor Bath
First floor Kitchen
Second Floor Landing
Second Floor Living & Dining, original trim (built in had been removed)
Second Floor Bonus room (above stairs)
Second Floor Hall to bed bath and kitchen (left), and Bedroom 1 (right)
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