Affiliate marketing and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to promoting offers from affiliate programs. Without leveraging the power of SEO, you’ll still find yourself struggling to generate a consistent level of sales with affiliate marketing… even if you’re promoting products from some of the best affiliate programs. Most of us realise that SEO rankings can be one of the most lucrative ways to generate traffic to your website because once you’re ranking on that first page, you don’t usually lose that ranking for a very long time.

There are hundreds of website owners who have created successful affiliate marketing websites by leveraging the power of search engine optimisation. That almighty first page of Google really does make all the difference. Statistically speaking, less than 11% of people actually go on to the second page. The first spot on page one actually attracts around 35% of clicks! The difference between the first position and last position on page one is probably the most startling.

On average, the last results on the FIRST page of Google really only gets around 3% of clicks. 3% of clicks compared to 35%. That’s the difference between having a profitable business compared to having on that isn’t getting enough traffic to convert. This is why it is so crucial to achieve rankings in at least the top three spots of the first page.

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Now going back to affiliate marketing. If you’re confused about how it all works, check out this useful infographic I came across, also on Bengu Marketing

Page one rankings in Google for your chosen keywords brings targeted traffic to your website. This traffic is so valuable because the people coming to your website have intent behind their visit to your site. They’re searching for the exact information you provide. This is the reason why organic traffic converts better than social media traffic.

The tough thing about SEO is that it is very competitive, there are thousands of websites that are going for the same search term keywords that you’re targeting, so you in order for you to stand out you really need to come up with something special.

SEO in 2017 has completely changed. The days of crappy thin affiliate sites and spamming exact match keywords to rank are long gone. Search engine optimisation nowadays involves creating compelling content that almost attract links on its own. If you want to rank on the first page, you need to create content that deserves that first page ranking.

This is called content marketing. Content marketing is the art of creating and using content to provide value, drive leads and generate sales for your business. There are numerous fantastic guides out there that will teach you about all things content marketing, but the fundamentals are that you create a piece of content that is exploding with value. Content that people actually want to read and share with their friends.

As an affiliate marketer, the worst thing for you to do is create an “affiliate site”. These types of sites typically don’t provide much value for people and if you post thin content, Google will hate you! Don’t allow affiliate marketing to define your website or what you do. Think of affiliate marketing as a way to monetise your website as a secondary thing. Your primary goal should be to provide a fantastic resource for people in a particular field.

The first thing you should be focusing on is how to create compelling and market compelling content. Learning these two things alone is enough for you to create a highly profitable online business. The ability to create amazing blog posts, guides and infographics is a skill that can be applied to any industry. It is one of the most valuable skills you can have when it comes to the internet. is India largest marketplace for digital marketing services. is India largest marketplace for digital marketing services.