I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
Quincy Larson

I’m sorry, but I call bullshit on whether they can download all of your data in seconds!

If i have a phone full of movies, photos, games, websites etc etc. it takes hours to upload all of that data to the phone and I just backed up all my photos the other day and it took 45 mins. That was on USB C to my laptop with USB 3.0

Really scaremongering that somehow the authorities have some amazing secret way to download your data faster than the tech/phone industry has invented is just plain retarded. They can only download as fast as the hardware was designed to do. And downloading small files takes way longer than large files.

So, if you are super worried about your privacy, then keep an old USB 2 phone and then put a password on the phone, then encrypt all the highly personal data and in a different directory than is normal for andriod and ios and then when modify your OS to link to the new directories intead of the old ones.

This way when they do a search for data they won’t find anything incriminating and when they try to download everything it will be painfully slow.

To make it even more slow, make sure to put 20,000 dummy small files into the regular download directories (your phone will never access it unless some moron trys to download it, so it won’t slow things down for you)

Not advice for the average person, but the way this article was written he sounds like he’s a tech person. Which is why this article got up my nose. He should know better.

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