President Trump’s got his fingers crossed.

President Trump: You’re a liar.

Donald Trump’s simple formula for winning the 2016 Presidential election? LIE. His entire political career started with one simple lie: President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. His formula is that simple, make a bold statement (which is blatantly false, lie) and don’t back down. It’s basically the game of chicken, drive head on to the opponent until one of you curves out of the way.

But that’s the thing, President Donald Trump is the actually the chicken! Right when his lie is about to reach critical impact, he rescinds his statement, or slightly modifies it closer to the truth in order to hold face with the American people. (He admitted during the Presidential election that Obama was a US Citizen).

Millenials, you should be upset, very upset. Our future is being taken from us, right in front of our eyes. The media is meticulously covering these lies, they’re inescapable. Every time I’m online, it’s another story about a #TrumpLie. It’s literally Donald Trump’s easiest platform to censor the American Dream. His latest game of chicken #TrumpLie: there’s millions of fraudulent votes which is why he lost the popular vote.

Think about it like this, Donald Trump has not paid federal taxes in how long? Yes, he bragged about this lie during the Presidential debate. This is probably one of his best #TrumpLies yet! (It could also explain why he won’t release his tax returns — we’ll find out that he lied about not paying federal taxes).

Here’s why this #TrumpLie about not paying taxes is so great, it helps us justify our own anger toward the federal government.

How is it fair that I, a thirty year-old white, middle-class male who put myself through college by racking up 40K in debt, which has taken me ten years to pay off, has already paid roughly 75K in federal taxes during my lifetime, but the man who is President brags about being a billionaire without paying federal taxes?

It’s these kind of lies that are stealing the millenial American dream. We have become so numb by these #TrumpLies, by the “alternative facts,” the half-truth game of chicken President Trump is playing with the American people. We’re not only being conned by the President of the United States, but we our spirits are weakened. Our belief that the Government’s best interest is to help the American people is shattered. President Trump is stealing the millenial dream by making us think that we cannot change it, that American isn’t already great.

It’s those feelings we’ve all had: “What can I do to change it? That’s the way things are.” “He won the Presidency so it must be okay.” “I’ll never run for a political office because I don’t want to get involved with the shady government.”

These are the lies that we can’t tell ourselves. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s okay, that our future is bleak, that America is a failing country full of gangs and thieves. Don’t believe that lie he can “Make America Great Again.” It really is brilliant, even his campaign slogan is a #TrumpLie.

President Donald Trump is 70 years old. His life expectancy is maybe 90, 100 if he’s super lucky. He’s on a rampage to go out with a bang. See how much chaos and havoc he can cast on our futures.

And why? Because his low self-esteem and disgust for himself can only be remedied by stealing it from us. He’s the classic Ebenezer Scrooge, but our future doesn’t get a second chance. We don’t get to look back on time and change our past. He doesn’t have to see our future destroyed.

The thing that Donald Trump did that hurt me the most, making me fight with my grandma (who voted for him). After he won I called her in disbelief. I hoped that she secretly voted for Hillary but wouldn’t tell my family that mostly voted for him, that she actually voted for her. She not only got mad at me, regurgitating a #TrumpLie: “Hillary is a crook.” Then, she justified his “grab her by the …” comment. She literally said, “well in his time, those kind of comment were acceptable.”


Another #TrumpLie: sexual harassment is okay for wealthy powerful men.

So media, you know you’re partly responsible. Facebook, please figure out how to stop my friends from sharing #TrumpLies. Go back and fact check how many times you published a #TrumpLie. Then compare that to how many times you printed a Hillary or Bernie truth (or at least a positive policy statement about how government will help the American people). Please journalists across our great America, print headlines like this: “#TrumpLie: I ALONE CAN FIX IT.”

And millenials, and all American people, don’t believe these #TrumpLies. Don’t be afraid to fight back. To call out #TrumpLie, even if you end up in a fight with your grandma. I know you’re out there, you’ve already started the peace movement. Thank you Women’s March, thank you to the millions of people who took the first stand up against #TrumpLies and said no, it’s not okay to lie to the American people.

Instead of closing your news tab, blocking your friends, installing Chrome plugins to stay in your own echo, do something about it.

Stop falling for #TrumpLies and take back our American future!

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