Are you kidding me?
Dan Fall

What a completely superficial, uninformed take on this race.

While Angie Craig is in many ways a weak candidate, she was a self funder candidate with a background in healthcare. You bizarrely count her background in healthcare as a negative in a state and district with a very large med-tech and broader healthcare presence. Why the hell was that some big negative? ‘Cuz Obamacare? Not buying it. Obamacare is/was unpopular, but a lot of people in district work in healthcare, so if you have some evidence they hate their coworkers I’d love to see it.

Craig outspent Lewis by something to the effect of 10:1. If you want to hang the gap between the massive money spent by Craig and her poor performance on an unfunded 3rd party candidate that most voters couldn’t pick out of a police line-up, then go for it.

Your reaction is shallow and wrongheaded because you seem proudly ignorant of the actual dynamics of what was going on in the district. I have firsthand knowledge of it. So thanks for the brilliant feedback, guy who read an article in The Hill and who has opinions.


PS The DCCC forced a second, comparable candidate out of the CD2 Dem primary to clear the path for Angie Craig. Might want to take up your problems with Craig’s candidacy with them.

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