View from Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Our thin path to market: an introduction

Early last year, a small team from Sydney consisting of three software engineers, a product owner and a designer packed our bags and jetted off to San Francisco with one main objective; to build ourselves a game changing product.

The only way to build the best possible product is to build it in the best way possible, so partnering with some of the best in the industry at the Pivotal Labs incubator made complete sense.

Knowing we had only a 3-month stint in Silicon Valley was bittersweet. On one hand, we knew our time was going to be short so we soaked up every minute we had at Pivotal Labs but on the other, we knew we would be bringing a part of Silicon Valley back home with us.

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco

It’s hard not to miss San Francisco. The constant buzz of people making things happen, the omnipresent hippie vibe remnant of the 60's, the in-transit populous bringing their own cultural intricacies to the fold and the mere hours drive to some of the best national parks the world has to offer.

Facebook’s and Google’s buzzing campuses, to name a few, were only a short drive from the office and thousands of startups wanting to shake up the world within mere footsteps. You can feel the energy just being there!

Having since set up our own incubator lab in the heart of Martin Place, we’ve definitely brought that energy back with us. We are continuing to evolve our product and also drive the best software practices available to other teams.

My team are very proud of what we’ve achieved to date and very grateful for the entire product-focused design and development methodologies Pivotal Labs has passed on to us and that we continually evolve in ourselves in our own way.

Stay tuned for insights into how we build software such as team practices, developer disciplines, rituals, propagation and more. launched in February. We make the car buying process fun, engaging and transparent and it’s all online. Come check us out. launched this February
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