Luminescent Tears

Dark stillness envelops me,
Bush land crying out,
The stars are clear, vivid,
Like my distant memory.
Train tracks crunch and whirl,
As we speed on by,
Tops of trees disturbed,
By unnatural power lines.
We pick up speed on the never ending journey of life,
As time ticks forward,
Increasing speed by seconds, by minutes, by hours, by days,
Flashing by in a distant blur of reality.
You are all I see.
I stare out at open skies,
Darkness closing its cold rigidness around me,
Sucking the air from me,
As a tear quietly, gently, rolls down my cheek.
Bush thickness clears to less subtle open plains as we near the lights
of a town,
Lights bring hope.
But these remind me of the distance which envelopes me and separates me
from you.
The whirring intensifies as we exit into open air once again;
My tears are quiet, I think back and I think ahead.
I imagine being wrapped in your arms, your life, your dreams, hopes, 
Most of all, your love.
I imagine your face and run my fingers over every line,
memorising the beauty and the love held within.
I see a horizon intensified by pollutant light, 
scarring the face of the otherwise beautiful contemplation,
that an ocean is not so far, that your are not so far.
Tears flow freely as I contemplate what freedom simply your love
may bring me.
I will wait.
For that single moment, that single smile, breath and tear,
Which will envelope me as you wrap me in your world, your life, your
arms and your love.
And in that moment I will be home.

Stars now shine their luminescent beauty upon my face,
Which shimmers with tears,
As I wish my heart to yours,
And hold your face so close to my mind.
Love, will conquer this pain.
For the love I feel for you,
Although once denied,
Is noticed;
Is cherished;
Is needed;
For without it perhaps these tears are shed with no hope.
But now,
There is hope.
I know there is hope.

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