Can you negotiate the price of a car when leasing?

Absolutely! It would be very foolish not to negotiate the price of the car before getting the numbers on a lease. Car dealerships love people looking to lease because usually the typical uneducated consumer has no idea that they can aggressively negotiate the price of the car.

It makes complete sense to do this, here’s why:

Let’s say the MSRP of the car is $27,000. If you were to negotiate with the salesman $2,500 off the price of the car, in a 36 month lease you would save yourself $70 a month! That’s huge.

This is the case even if there are lease specials. Always try to get the best price on a car even if there are specials.

The thing with lease specials is that even though they can save you in monthly payments, they can confuse the buyer even more.

And not only that, with lease specials, you have to always read the find print.

If a BMW is being offered at $259/month, it might sound great but make sure you know everything that comes along with that price in terms of how much money down, maximum allowed miles, length of lease, if you need perfect credit and if taxes are included or not. Usually it is mandatory to put down a few thousand dollars to get that monthly advertised payment and typically you must have tier 1 credit. More on credit in a future article.


Leasing is great for many reasons and in future articles I will explain to you all the pros and cons.

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