Everything will be fine.

Unprecedented is now presidential;
A billionaire champions for the lower class;

Traditional news is baseless conjecture,
Fringe news is gospel,
Truth will be consecrated through alternative facts;

Greed is good,
Wealth is success, and
Experience means inefficient;

Multiple affairs and wives are family values,
One marriage and 2 kids is scandalous, and “different”;
White nationalism is American pride with an alternative view,
Meryl Streep is an overrated actress,
John Lewis is a man of words- not of action,
Private education is the path to public education success.

Civil rights are unequal rights,
Sexual assault is playful banter;
A Goldman Sachs donation is corruption,
A Goldman Sachs cabinet is financial practicality;
Climate change is climate conspiracy,
Environmental protection is environmental indifference, 
An international oil baron CEO is not the global elite, 
Russia has always been our friend;
Order will be swiftly restored,
And war will bring peace;

Your obedience is required,
As freedom is slavery;
Intelligence is suspect,
And ignorance is strength;
America will be made great again,
And everything will be fine.

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