The CSS that you know nothing about — Part 1

Root Selector

:root { }
Using :root to change the background colour

First Line

::first-line { }
Changing the colour of the first line of the paragraph element

First Letter

This is an example of a basic drop cap effect using the ::first-letter selector
Here is an example of a drop cap — something you could easily achieve using the ::first-letter selector. — image is a screenshot from

Not Selector

<li>List Item</li>
<li>List Item</li>
<li class="active">List Item</li>
<li>List Item</li>
ul li:not(.active) {}
using the :not() selector to target all list elements without the class “active”

Adjacent sibling combinator

span + span
<blockquote>Lorem ipsum blah blah blah</blockquote>
<p>Lorem ipsum blah blah blah</p>
<p>Lorem ipsum blah blah blah</p>
blockquote + p { font-weight: bold; }
Styling the paragraph straight after the blockquote element using the adjacent sibling combinator

General Sibling Combinator

figure ~ p {}
Using the general sibling combinator to target all paragraphs after the first.





Front-End & WordPress Developer

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Michael Weaver

Michael Weaver

Front-End & WordPress Developer

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