Sharing a story of your mentor

Everyone wants to have a right path. Everyone wants to learn, success, gain experience, being guided by someone. That’s a mentor who guided you, advice you, see you the right path whether in professional field or personal life.

When there is a question about my Mentor. I always guided by father, mother, and friends etc. But one who guided me helped me a lot in my life, my mentor is my friend and also my teacher, Aziz-Ur-Rehman, he guide me and help me when i was totally hopeless. Even i was trying easy way to figure out from problems. When i was in 9th class, due to some tragedy, i am unable to concentrate on my study, and get low grades in 9th, then Aziz sir help me, he give me back my confidence and encourage them in 10th class, i got good marks, even more then my expectations.

After that i ask him many time for help and they help me every time, He has completed his Ph.D and now he is working as a assistant professor in NUML university, D.G khan.

No doubt without mentor, its difficult to overcome to situation but its also depend upon you. If you are ambitious to overcome this then you just need little bit motivation and energy and you can achive that goal.