No Time to Write Means No Time to Write

I signed up for a free “how to get started blogging” webinar recently and was surprised at how many attendees asked questions about finding time to write.

If you want to do something you can find the time to do it, don’t you?

It is funny how those attendees did find the time to listen to a webinar, though.

For an hour.

Should you be anxious about finding or making time for writing, it may ease your fears to realize it is a matter of perspective. You really do not need hours of uninterrupted time. In fact, having long stretches of free time can work against you.

Think about it in terms of putting a boundary around your time.

Without one you might, and most likely will, wander off… to do the laundry, go jogging, meet someone for coffee, or start cleaning out the garage.

You’ve heard this before:

-Set a time to write each day. Then, at that time, write a certain number of words or for so many minutes.


-Write when you can, where you can (You always have a notebook with you, or downloaded an note taking app, right?)

I think people who say they want to write anticipate easy, inspired flow will lead their writing. It is the other way around. Your writing routine will give birth to easy, inspired flow.

Now and then.

And once in a while.

The rest of the time, it’s a bit of a grind.

Like anything else worth doing.

Time can be found for writing after the day job is done or the family matters attended to. It may have to be done in moments, minutes and quarter-hours. At the crack of dawn and in the middle of the night. During your lunch or on your break or when the baby naps. You do still have to take it, though.

So if you say you want to write but don’t know how you will find the time to do it, maybe you have to realize that you have no time to write.