Looking For A Bug

This week started with high spirits and even higher expectations. My goal was to dive into the geth repo, a implementation of the Ethereum node protocol implemented in Go aka Go-Eth or geth. I began navigating the issues and thought to check out the “good first issue” tag and get to work, simple right? Well my naïve optimism soon began to dissolve away after looking through a couple of the issues only to realize that these might be good first issues for someone with an existing background in cryptographic protocols or decentralized networks they were mostly to deep and feature rich for me to dip my toes in. This was a hit to morale because I had visions of getting involved in this project that is quite interesting to me personally.

### Kubernetes

Despite the steep learning curve of geth I am still quite interested in Go related projects, the language is quite interesting to me and I enjoy programming in it quite a bit. While reading the Go programming book written in part by Brian Kernighan I remember hearing about a containerization software written in Go and open sourced by the developers at google. After taking a cursory glance at the issues I feel confident that I can find a suitable bug to tackle there is many more open issues than in geth and the “good first issue” tag also seems very promising. I will continue to research my options here and see what I can uncover, I hope to be working on a bug within the weekend.