Wanna Get High at the Office?

This article is about cold calling. I’m sorry if I’ve deceived you but since you’re probably the smart decision maker type, let me bother you with one more sentence. The brave sales people calling may have beneficial information, please answer their calls from time to time and give them a chance to do their jobs. Thank you!

A Different Kind of High

Normally, I would never condone misleading marketing but I’ll do anything to help my cold calling compadres. The title may seem a bit over-the-top for a sales analogy but for me it’s highly fitting ;). In my experience a successful cold call has given me the type of adrenaline rush that keeps people jumping out of airplanes. We all know it’s really difficult to succeed on a cold call and my success will oftentimes turn into scream out loud excitement. Because of the nerves and emotions involved, my recovery time to normalcy takes more like hours rather than minutes. Sometimes after a great cold call it’s impossible for me to fall asleep at bedtime, especially if it was later in the day which is usually the case.

Successful Cold Call

The result of a successful cold call is ideally a next step but even more importantly it’s the complete delivery of your company’s value message. During a cold call, if you’re able to let that decision maker know what makes your company special and describe the entire value picture, you did an incredible job. Whether that turns into an immediate next step or not, this decision maker now has the information necessary to seriously consider your company. As sales people, the more times we’re able to share our company’s true value with our prospects, the more likely our long term success.

There aren’t too many decision makers who pick up our colds calls with a friendly “hi, how you doing?” like Steve Zahn in most of his movies. Most successful cold calls will require communication that at times can seem unfriendly and uncomfortable. The decision maker’s curt voice should become normal once they no longer feel interrupted. If the value proposition is perceived as beneficial the tone of the conversation will change drastically. The back and forth during a cold call can become an emotional roller coaster for the sales person. At times it can feel like you’re fighting off objections as if they were punches from a heavyweight boxer. The successful communication of specific information can feel extremely powerful for the message carrier. They did just take someone who DIDN’T want to speak with them and explain something unknown.

Cold Calling isn’t for Everybody

In the end, a successful cold call is beneficial for both sides but the journey can be a rough ride for the sales person. Mastering your company’s value, preparation, and sheer WILL are what make people great cold callers. There are many in our profession that would like cold calling to be dead, maybe they don’t want to worry about not doing it anymore. Cold calling isn’t going to die anytime soon because it’s a vital part of business, but that doesn’t mean it’s for every sales person. My hope is that all the sales people bashing it would just let that go and admit they prefer not to cold call.

In our profession, a real conversation with a decision maker is many times the only way to turn the tide with key prospects. There are other ways to create these conversations like trade shows, networking events, through referrals, or you could check out Kenny Madden ‘s social phone. The next time you’re ready to jump onto the “cold calling is dead” bandwagon, please don’t.

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Matt Wanty is an Enterprise Sales Consultant and the author of the ‘The Lost Art of Cold Calling’ a sales training book written to help today’s sales people succeed on cold calls. More at turnthetide.pro, #high #coldcall #timmy

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on May 14, 2017.