KSU iTeach Coaches Give Back to the Community

The Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University is home of the iTeach Department. Our 30+ Instructional Technology Coaches support various districts throughout the Southeast (mainly Metropolitan Atlanta). February 23rd (Digital Learning Day) provided us with the opportunity to expand our scope and provide a Maker Camp (for FREE) to schools outside of our normal realm of support. While DLD centers around tech. exposure, we added an additional component to our support. As instructional technology coaches, we provide the following support for our teachers/schools:

  • Co-Plan
  • Collaborate
  • Model
  • Co-Teach

We offered schools the opportunity to use us in the coaching capacity to expose their teachers/administrative teams to best practices in the realm of ed. tech., as well.

LEAP Academy

While many of our iTeach Coaches dispersed throughout different parts of Georgia, a group of my colleagues and I decided to bring the Maker Camp Experience to a private school located in Southwest Atlanta. LEAP Academy was very excited to have the 3 of us for the day. Through 5 rotations, we exposed 25+ 4–11 year old scholars to various tasks that involved coding and critical thinking.

Our rotations included:

The students and staff of LEAP Academy were ecstatic about the activities that we had in store and they were able to foresee the purpose and intent of Maker Spaces and STEM in education to use in their own environment. LEAP Academy’s Director, Dr. Mary Watson, had this to say about her experience with us:

Here’s a glimpse at what the students experienced during our time at the LEAP Academy:

The purpose of Digital Learning Day is to strengthen children’s understanding of how the appropriate leverage of technology within the classroom supports their learning. Technology should not be used in isolation when it comes to teaching and learning. The iTeach Department benefitted greatly from this opportunity to give back to our surrounding communities.

In conjunction with the support we provided schools in February, we’re offering a Maker Camp during the summer for students (K-8) in June.

KSU Maker Camp Registration

Check out our map of the schools our team supported: DLD Map

To learn more about what we do as a team and to connect with us, see below!

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