Why iTeach | Aug. 2016

After 7 years in the classroom and one year as an Instructional Technology Coach, I realized that it was time to go back to the drawing board. I adored teaching 2nd — 4th grade, learning and loving my students, building a rapport with parents, and supporting my colleagues in various capacities. iLoved teaching!


It became necessary to challenge and assert myself as a pillar of support for my colleagues in the area of Ed Tech. THERE was the 💡 moment! I learned that while carrying various roles in and out of the school were excellent skills for career trajectory, it was not nearly as fulfilling as seeing the fruits of my labor displayed in my colleague’s classrooms. I learned that I loved collaborating and building capacity in other people without the additional tasks of being a classroom teacher.


How could I affect change? What position would allow me to support teachers, students, and their school’s various goals without the worry of being grade level chair, managing 20+ little ones, and the other day-to-day requirements of an educator?

Enter: KSU’s iTeach Dept.

Why am I here, now? I’m here because:

  • iCollaborate
  • iCo-Teach
  • iModel
  • iCo-Plan
  • iConnect
  • iCare
  • iCanBe
  • iLoveWhatIDo

I now have the ability to pour myself into a team of educators who are at varying levels of tech integration. It’s keeping things fresh and the pace keeps me on my toes, because I KNOW that not only are my teammates depending on me, but their students are, as well.

This is why iTeach.

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