The beginning.

I am not a young person chronologically. In my mind’s eye I see myself as young, but the mirror doesn’t lie. The up side of this condition is that I have an experience level akin to Methuselah (not really, but I’ve packed a lot into nearly 60 years)

So as I started off. We begin.

The world being the mess it is, nothing new really just better connectivity now, I thought I’d just ramble a bit and see what pops out. We have most of the Muslim world at war with itself and apparently everyone else, a planet warming at an ever increasing rate (can we affect it. Not likely but miracles happen everyday), a US government that for all intents and purposes is completely dysfunctional, and most minorities at war with the police. Obviously I am in the USA….

So what to do…I have a few ideas, or why else would I be tapping away at this keyboard…

  1. The Muslim world has been the way it is for a very long time. Just stay out of the way, we are not helping, and, they don’t want our help! See that was simple…HA!
  2. If we did or didn’t start global warming its here. Anyone that says no is playing Ostrich. What to do? Whatever we can to reduce our impact at a personal level. At a governmental level, nothing will actually help unless big money decides it’s worth it. Until there is a direct quarterly detriment, big business won’t take heed…can you say too late? Maybe not, but it will require a monumental effort to make any difference in the near term. I would like to see us work this through together but I’m a realist.
  3. Only way to fix our government that I can see is start over. That won’t happen so, maybe Washington actually deserves Trump (makes me shiver to actually state that). To be honest, this at least could be resolved with strong leader, now notice I said leader, not political figurehead. We have seen one of those in DC in a LONG time. Time for some serious soul searching by the American people, pay attention to the facts and stop electing by sound bite.

So a start to which I will add thoughts and expand on some issues that I feel strongly about. By the way. Political correctness will not be found here.

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