How to mount /Users into boot2docker

Using boot2docker with my Mac, I want to seamlessly run something like:

docker run -i -t -v /Users/mattes/project1:/data/project1 ubuntu /bin/bash

UPDATE 17 Oct 2014:

As of Docker version 1.3 the work-around described in this blog post becomes obsolete.

tl;dr Build your own custom boot2docker.iso with VirtualBox Guest Additions (see link) or download and save it to ~/.boot2docker/boot2docker.iso.

The issue is that boot2docker doesn’t support
-v /Users/mattes/project1:/data/project1 out of the box since it doesn’t include VirtualBox Guest Additions. It’s still unclear to me, if the VirtualBox Guest Additions will make it into boot2docker any time soon/ ever.

“we’re making boot2docker as simple and small as possible — so at this point, adding tools that…

Push systemd journal logs to remote log destinations

When using CoreOS with multiple Docker containers on Google Compute Engine I was having a hard time finding a way to log from CoreOS to remote destinations. Especially since CoreOS doesn’t come with a package manager, which means no ‘build-essentials’ and thus no building from source files either.

I have ended up by using something like this:

journalctl -o short -f | ncat 12345

There are several service providers out there. I am pretty sure there are others, and I happily will add more:

Choose yours. I…

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