Top 5 education technology trends that will shape the future of the Educational Industry in 2020

Mohit Kalra
Feb 9 · 4 min read
Digitization is the present and future of education technology
Digitization is the present and future of education technology
Digitization is the present and future of education technology

In 1758, Benjamin Franklin rightly said: “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This decades-old wisdom is still applicable to the world and we believe it will be applicable for the future also. Education is important because it not only helps to evolve a human being but it also has an impact on the whole family as well as society.

Education gives wings to the students to fly high and to create new ideas that will help them to transform their generation with new innovations & inventions for the betterment of society. Therefore the role of educational institutions becomes paramount in shaping the future of the students & society.

Today, the education Industry started looking forward to emerging technologies to cater to the various challenges faced by them. Educational institutions (Schools & Colleges) have started learning & understanding the role of technology in transforming every aspect of the education system from the holistic development of their student to improve their own administration & management process.

In this era, technology will leave its greatest impact on learning and that too in school and colleges. The revolutionary breakthrough C-Pen Reader the latest invention in education technology. This Pen helps students/children in learning English. Now schools have started looking forward to implementing it as an aid to help their students with special needs (dyslexia) in reading and learning.

Therefore today, technology has responsibilities on its shoulders more than ever. The latest trends in educational technologies are changing the course of action of educational institutes. As the continuous development in education technology helps in the continuous development of educational institutes (schools & colleges).

Here are 5 emerging technology trends in the education industry (Schools & Colleges):

1. Internet of Things (IoT): — IoT is going to change the learning ways in the coming decade. IoT enabled educational apps to prove to be a powerful teaching aid. IoT help schools to provide an interactive way of teaching, and help teachers to create & manage their lesson plan and also to track the major teaching resources. IoT provides a digitally safe and secure atmosphere for learning and teaching by enhancing information access.

IoT is going to change the learning ways in the coming decade. IoT makes every device can be connected and has the potential to help schools to provide students an ideal atmosphere for learning with safety and security.

2. Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality: — Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) is the next technology that will help to transform education and educational techniques.

AR/VR helps students in answering all the W’s (Why/What/Whom etc.) and will impart the practical aspect of education. When you watch concepts in an interactive way, you learn much better and also understand the implementation of the learned concept.

3. Blockchain Technology: — Blockchain technology can be used by schools in providing security and verification processes of the student database. The technology can be used to prevent data breaches and theft of student records. Protecting student database with the blockchain helps to minimize the attacks and protect students’ identities and school records.

4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): — RPA is basically software that is programmed to interact in the same way as a human being.

RPA can be used by schools to answer all the queries of students and parents. For example, the queries related to the admission process in the school or next parents-teacher meet or performance of their child in schools, etc.

RPA can be used to automate the school administration process from shortlisting of student applications to the admission process by taking into consideration all the eligibility criteria. RPA helps to revolutionize schools’ IT operations & attendance management process.

5. Digitalize Content: — Digitization of content is going to help the education in not only proving the convenience but accessibility to education in remote areas also. UNESCO estimates that one in five children, adolescents, and youth is out of school.

Education and technology as a tool to change the future
Education and technology as a tool to change the future
Education as a tool to change the future

With the help of content digitization, the educational institute can also include all the dropouts and help them to read as per their convenience and once again start their educational learning.

One of the fine examples, of Digitalize Content, is IRISPen which helps in digitization of any written content. This technique can be used by both students as well as schools

These technologies are very exciting as they have the potential to change the face of the education industry and tailor them to meet the current/future need or demand of the industry. The educational institutes (Schools & Colleges) should embrace these technologies and prepare themselves and students well in advance for the changes that this decade is going to witness. We hope the education sector will get a big boost with IT services and in turn, make a big impact on the whole world.

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