Published March 25, 2014

A kind of introduction …

There is a growing awareness of strategies and approaches utilizing Customer Development among entrepreneurs who are starting to work on their own projects.

Ecosystems aiding businesses are becoming more mature, and the number of projects utilizing various incubator and accelerator programs is rising. Also, meetups, hackathons and conferences, all of which favour networking and experience exchange, are becoming more frequent.

Among people starting to work on their projects and those planning to do so, there is a rising awareness (and conviction, thanks to the presented cases) of the help provided by…

Published November 5, 2013

In presentations that teams prepare to pitch their project, almost every time, in a mysterious way, there is a presence of elements we can classify into the traditional Marketing Mix 4Ps. In short, PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE and PROMOTION. Unfortunately, most of them have not heard about 4Ps and the most well known marketing theory.

PRODUCT mainly concentrates on the functionality (usually for a wide TARGET). PRICE very often consists of elements that are connected with production cost calculation and expected markup or … just a gut feeling how much the customer can be charged (especially when…

Published August 30, 2013

Listening to customer feedback seems to be obvious for anyone who runs their own business. Still, this obviousness very often is only declarative. After all, no one will tell you that they “do not research their market.” …

Marek Kapturkiewicz

investor, marketeer and engineer; co-founder & partner @ . Innovation Nest (VC fund) & SPIN Entrepreneurship School

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