The app tech ecosystem

Apps are big business. And the ecosystem of services which help apps run their businesses continues to evolve and expand at an impressive rate and yet it’s an opportunity nobody has really written about.

A few years ago there were just a handful of early movers, companies like Flurry, Urban Airship, and Crashlytics. Today there are nearly 100 companies that help app developers, marketers, and publishers make data-driven decisions. It can be nearly impossible to keep up with all of the choices. With several web players striving for continued growth, we will see not only new players continue to emerge but familiar web companies place their stake in the ground. This could easily push the number of services to double by the end of the year. While other mobile landscapes tend to focus on ad tech, the apptech landscape is a great opportunity that hasn’t been discussed enough. That opportunity is the flourishing ecosystem of companies that provide SDKs that consume first-party data and provide analytics, attribution, and engagement solutions.

Let’s look at some of the numbers. There have been several hundred million dollars invested in this space over the past couple of years. Mixpanel notably achieved a nearly ten-figure valuation recently. There have been a number of high profile nine-figure exits including Parse, Ad-x, Flurry, TapCommerce, HockeyApp, Crashlytics, ActionX, and others.

The rate of fragmentation and evolution feels like the ad network space back in 2007 and since history has a funny way of repeating itself, we believe it’s only a matter of time before apps require infrastructure that will allow them to more effectively navigate and operate in these rapidly evolving environments. This is why we built mParticle.

mParticle is creating a new category altogether, providing data automation to apps of all sizes. Whether the focus is on data ownership, moving faster, and/or tightening security & privacy controls; mParticle gives apps control over their data and makes it easier to work with the best in breed services without having to manually embed several SDKs.

A few notes on our Periodic Table of App Data SDKs:

This table was designed to show the various providers that can help an app through the process of mobile development.

Many providers are growing their feature set and could potentially be categorized in multiple spaces.

As the space grows there are new service providers being created every day. Therefore the list we’re presenting may not be complete.

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