How I Got huge Discount for Buying Hosting: -

I am a web developer. In my field I have to purchase domains in every week or two. I used to buy domains directly from Godaddy and Bigrock. To buy domains directly from them was little expensive for me but I have to buy domains from them. I discussed about this problem with my friend who is in the same field. She told me that she too buy domains regularly but she never pay full price for all the domains buys.
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Coupons Really Worked: -

At first I didn’t believe her. But when I visited Preview Coupons site, I was really amazed as I got a coupon from their site for Godaddy and that provided me huge discount for buying a hosting with free domain. I used that coupon while purchasing the domains and web hosting services. I was shocked, the coupons really worked. I didn’t have to pay the full price for any domain that I buy first time.
Since, after that whenever I need to buy a new domains or any web hosting service, I prefer
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