Today, many people around the world reflect on one particular part of the christian story — the concept of resurrection. This idea has scratched an itch for so many around the world for a lot of years. And it makes sense. We want to know if there is still hope when we see death in our circumstance / community / relationship / mental health / employment / dream / etc. When I back far away and listen to the echo that forms amid the diversity of thought on this topic, this is what I hear — New life can emerge from that which seemed to be dead. New days and new years and second and third chances have always motivated me. I have often chosen to go to sleep when things felt heavy, knowing that the morning could bring a whole new circumstance. Or at least a whole new perspective.

“Again” means “another time” or “once more.” It implies that there is more to come than what has already been mentioned.

It’s a term of significance in my mind because it reminds us that we can get back up and go at it… again.

I’ve had relationships that were so far gone, there seemed to be no hope. At best, I thought we could maybe be civil in public. Today, those very relationships are some of the strongest that I have.

Formerly dead. Now alive.

Different? Sure. But alive again.

If you’re having a tough time, get up. Again and again. Broken relationships? There is another chance. A new day brings a new opportunity to pursue a meaningful life. There is no promise that you will receive a particular result. There is no magic. But there is tremendous hope in tomorrow.

Take my word for it (and that of thousands of others), things that seem dead can be brought to life again. Will it? I’m not sure. But it can. And that is enough for me to try… again.

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