Day 100: THE END

This is it! I did it! 100 days of writing….not bad. I’m proud of myself, really. Especially since it got really hard to pull through when I hit the 80 day mark.

I just finished re-reading all my entries…some of them brought back hilarious memories, others were suprisingly well written, and some were rather boring. I did have a strong sense of repetition while reading them though, but that’s kind of accurate for me because I have a bad habit of repeating myself often (never really on purpose, my memory isn’t always the sharpest).

Anyway, it was a hard but fun project, I can honestly say I’m glad I did it. Now I’ll have something to go back and read when I’m old or want to remember how my summer of the 2016 went. Furthermore, I can give some more attention back to my journal which I’ve been neglecting since doing this project.

Writing is something I’ve actually always enjoyed doing, I really do hope to write a book one day. Still have no idea what to write it about, but maybe one day a great idea will hit me. I could also see the book writing project becoming something I do when I’m much older, maybe in retirement. That way I wouldn’t be bored and by then I’ll have endless experiences to write about.

And because I’m cheesy and love me some good quotes, I’m going to end my very last entry with a quote I found recently that I like very much.

“This is the beginning, of anything you want”

And thanks to those who have stuck with me on the 100 day adventure!