Day 11: Sung from the Heart and Not from the Mind

Last night I dreamt that I grew wings…I found a place, where they could hear me when I sing.

I find it fascinating how moving and applicable music can be. Sometimes I find it easier to express myself and my feelings through song lyrics that with my own words. The above lyrics are from a Joan Baez song called “Wings”, one of my favorites.

It seems to especially helpful when I’m frustrated or upset, you can almost always find the song with the perfect lyrics to describe how you feel. Once when a friend and I were feeling particularly down we spent a whole hour exchanging songs, pointing out our favorite lyrics. There’s something much more poetic about it when it’s got a rhythm and nice music to it.

Here are some great examples I’ve been singing recently:

On a sunny blue sky day when I’m feeling awesome: “The sun is shining melting the clouds away, got me some blue sky action, I’m breathing today”

When boys are full of crap: “All the bullshit you feed me, you miss me you need me, this hungry heart will not subside”

When I’m doing okay but know I’ll be even better later: “I’ll be all right, just not tonight”

When I feel empowered because I won’t let other people bring me down: “You’ll never see, what you’ve done to me, you can take back your memories they’re no good to me and here’s all your lies you can’t look me in the eyes, with the sad, sad look that you wear so well…when you see my face hope it gives you hell”

I could go on forever but these are the first couple that popped into my head. I’ve got a few more kind of annoyed/sad ones, but just because I’ve been feeling that way recently. Then again, it’s been a few days since the sun has been shinning properly.

And now it’s 12am! “Good morning, good morning, it’s great to stay up late, good morning, good morning to you!”

(I promise there is a song for everything. Isn’t it lovely?)

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