Day 12: Unrealistic Image of Love

You know what’s really annoying? This idea that the media/fairy tales created about love. Who came up with that anyway? That there is the perfect guy out there, the girl just needs to wait and when you finally meet you’ll fall in love for the rest of your life and live happily ever after.


I’m not being pessimistic, it’s just infuriating to grow up with this idea of a wonderful prince who’s perfect in every way and a relationship that has no problems. Why would we want to raise our children with that idea? With that in mind, any kind of break up or heart break is going to be a million times worse because we think that’s not supposed to happen in the first place. Then you realize you’re on boyfriend #4 and you were only supposed to have one true love, right? What happened?

As you grow up you change along with your beliefs and values. Along with that, the type of people you are interested change or you find the person you are with can’t be changed and is no longer compatible with who you have become. Love isn’t a one time experience that works out perfectly until the end, and a lot of the time people end up hurt.

I’m guilty of this fairy tale idea of love, but through experiences I know it’s not that easy. But the one thing I do want to hang on to is the hope that I will find someone (though I’m not about to sit in my tower and wait). The most important thing for me to realize is that no one is perfect and that no matter who I find, there will be things we don’t agree on and arguments we have. It’s just not all peaches and gravy like in the movies and I hate that they represent it in that way.

Love is a unique experience for each individual person. And some people do get the fairy tale ending, they find one guy or girl and stay with them happily the rest of their life. So while we can’t apply the same idea of love to every person, we can all still have hope that in one form or another we will encounter our own love.

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