Day 13: True Winners

Today was day one of our Frisbee tournament and I am barely awake enough to write this. We’ve got a small team this year so everyone played a bunch, from 10am until 5pm.

I’m the captain this semester and my favorite part about that is my ability to control the focus of the team. In the past we’ve always just been driven by the sheer idea of winning and letting the game get to our heads when we started loosing. Such a terrible attitude towards a frisbee game, in my opinion.

The old captain (who was at this tournament today) asked me, “How did you guys do? Did you win?” That was his only question and concern. I replied with, “No, but we played well and had fun because that’s the point”. I really do believe that.

In one of our games we were down 1 to 7 at halftime. We gathered to talk a bit about their strategy during the halftime, but also to remind ourselves that we have to keep a positive mental attitude and remember that we were here to have fun. We ended up loosing but the final score was 8 to 10 and I was incredibly proud. We were having so much fun we had even stopped paying attention to the score and didn’t realize how many points we made up.

That was by far my favorite moment of the tournament (so far, day two is tomorrow). For me, the idea of only playing to win is not what it should be about. I’m glad the team adopts to this mentality and realizes the true winners are those who thoroughly enjoy working as a team and having fun.

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