Day 20: Out

I’m living in a state that looks like it never ends, on a college campus that has acres on acres. Yet I feel as trapped as a mouse in a cage.

The same people constantly around me, the same motions everyday. There’s no way to make new friends, because the walls between groups of people is almost tangible. When you find a new person to spend time with, it starts out exciting and new. But then you’re reminded of how similar people are, and they all end up disappointing you one way or another.

I’ve never felt so cynical. Thanks college, for making me wary of others. But I hate it, I feel like it makes me a pessimistic person, if I assume everyone will disappoint me or hurt me in some way or another. Although it hasn’t made me too much of a pessimistic person yet, I stay hopeful and always see try to see the best in people and give them several times. But when I’m let down countless times then I think to myself, “what did I expect?”

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