Day 22: Too Optimistic

Is that a thing? It must be, but can it be a bad thing? I’m thinking specifically in regards to relationships with people.

I only see it as dangerous right now. Too optimistic that maybe the flaws you found in that person aren’t personality traits, they were just having a bad day. Or that if you could work on it, you could help that person change just a little bit. Is that a good mindset to have? Or are people helpless and nothing you can do will change that?

Maybe that’s too pessimistic, maybe there are some things you could change. I’d like to think that. I want to be hopeful, but I don’t want to be hurt in the same way again and again.

I feel split completely in half. The one side wants to stay optimistic, live in the very moment and have faith. The other side wants to close the door, not take chances and protect the heart from any more pain.


Such is life. Something tells me the optimistic side will win, for better or for worse….