Day 30: Llegamoooos

We made it! Just spent my first day in Spain and I already love it. After very little sleep on the airplane, I was running on adrenaline when I was greeted by my host mom whom I will be living with for the next two weeks.

I got a tour of the main street as we walked to her cozy and adorable little flat. I instantly feel in love with my little room which was lovingly prepared for me. My host mom turned out to be way cool, living alone in her flat except for the occasional exchange students she hosts. We explored the mall and ate a delicious lunch together, then we returned to the apartment and I promptly fell asleep.

In the evening we met up with our group and walked around the city a bit, becoming familiar with where we would be taking our classes and where the best ice cream stores were. It was also during this time that I noticed the giant stork nests and the many storks flying around, apparently this city hosts these fine creatures year round.

By 8pm the group had split off and I found myself in delightful company, heading to a bar to drink beer, order tapas, and watch the football match. What a marvelous first night in Spain! Real school work will begin soon but each day will provide an adventure of its own, I’m sure.

How lucky I am to be here!