Day 50: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Today was a flashback to my time spent in Turkey and Egypt. Being located in Granada, Spain it’s not hard to imagine the feeling. I spent roughly two hours wandering around tiny alley ways packed with shops that were filled to the bring with trinkets, mainly consisting of beautiful tiled plates, shishas and glass lamps.

Even the street vendors were middle eastern, getting the attention of anyone who so much as glanced at their items. I was quickly pulled into a little shop by a owner who was excitingly showing me this wallet I wasn’t even halfway interested in. The conversation quickly progressed to religion and the difference between Christianity and Islam and his eyes lit up when he heard my Arabic name.

I can honestly say, I absolutely love Granada. But after today I find myself thinking, maybe it’s just the middle eastern feel I love so much. It leaves me wondering what culture and country I’ll feel most compatible with to live in. Who knows, maybe it’ll be several different ones. All I know is I can’t wait to see where this life will take me.

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