Day 52: My Drug

I think sunshine is my drug. It can literally take me from feeling like crap to being on top of the world. Today was filled with sunshine and live music (two of my most favorite things).

It was our free day in Granada and my friend and I just roamed the streets, our day being dictated solely by our stomachs deciding on when it was time to eat. We spent a good two hours sitting on this wall overlooking the city with a breathtaking view of la Alhambra. We people watched and listened to some jamming street musicians.

The sun soaked in my skin and was seeping into my heart. That plus food made me a happy camper all day long. I wasn’t even sad when we had to sit down at a cafe to study, because it was outside, right below the Alhambra and next to the river. Our three hours here was also peppered with various live performers as well as some adorable stray dogs.

Then as if the day wasn’t blissful enough, we got ice cream. Sunshine on my shoulders and a smile on my face, I sang all the way home.

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