First Thoughts

It’s weird even now to think how I’m writing this as a college student in my dorm. My transition in to Maryland has certainly been eventful thus far. Never before have I been subjugated to such intense swings of mood, thought-processes, and hunger. The “Dominator” at King’s Dominion comes to mind in regards to my mental as well as my overall health standings. Every day is entirely different from the next; one day, I’ll feel explosively productive and social thinking the world to be my oyster. Then the next day comes around and I’ll feel entrapped by my shell and refrain from talking to anyone. Consistency is what I miss the most from my previous life, consistency and meals that don’t invariably make me poop my brains out. This isn’t to say that I’ve detested my first three weeks of college, I’ve made plenty fantastic memories, but matched with some of my lows, I would say that college thus far has been completely unexpected.

The campus environment has been pleasant. I asked my calves to comment on the onerous walks to class but they were too busy writhing in agony. All the staff and employees are very amicable and it makes me feel like a valued constituent of the university. My classes are fascinating with subject matters that are lucid in their relevance to every day life (accounting, government, economics). My only reservation about my classes is the immense class sizes. I have yet to raise my hand or have a legitimate conversation with my professors. Hopefully my confidence will improve in the weeks to come. In regards to friends, I am content. It’s alarming realizing how inept I have become in making and then fostering entirely new friendships. I’ve become so close to my high school friends these past two years that I find myself comparing my new friendships to the already established level of comfortability to that of my high school friends, a comparison I see now that I should not be making for it inhibits a possibly great friendship with a stranger. I am currently working on this also.

My only fear for this year is that I may never fall in love with UMD as countless others have. I have humored the possibility of transfering to another university if the aforementioned scenario does in fact occur. However, I am aware that it is entirely too premature to make such a heavy decision, I have after all only been here for three weeks. Regardless, I am excited for what the next few months have in store for me, the friendships I will make, the extracurriculars that I will partake in, the invaluable knowledge I shall gain from Honors 100 taught by the emminent Marriotts Ridge Alumnus Eric Augostino, and memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. There can only be one freshmen year of college and I intend to make the most of it. Cheers to the future.

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