Field Notes 2/22

Date: 2/22

7:16–6 people at this meeting

  • All are regulars
  • talking about the weather and how it has rained “every monday we’ve been in school”
  • everyone is waiting in q
  • playing a ranked game
  • talking about who to ban
  • i think with new LoL picks are in order as opposed to all at once

7:19 — two more people came

  • Still regulars
  • talking about Anime “Free”
  • Everyone is talking over each other
  • People interrupting An
  • “Safely in bronze three”
  • “i am lagging so fucking hard, holy shit what the fuck” “you have to stop downloading so much porn” “this doesn’t happen this often!”

7:24 — R looks like she’s working on homework

  • Computer for a person is lagging, he had to restart his computer (reminds me of Galloway and this nondiegetic machine act that occurs…interesting idea in terms of League of Legends because the complexity of the multiple players creates relationships between the four states of play Galloway introduces)
  • Restarts computer, walks over to watch his game while computer restarts

7:28 — “Worse comes to worse I only missed 3–4 minutes” → for whatever reason this particular player is interesting to study via Galloway’s four moments)

  • Unknowing filmed a few minutes of the meeting, no one cared
  • → Good example of a solid wall, not fluid
  • → Will talk to officers about a more fluid wall
  • “what the fuck, where you at dude? keep up”

7:32 — I am curious as to what everyone at the club typically plays / what their favorite

champions ares

  • “I’m the best farmer in all the land” → Alex and I literally cried laughing at this after a long Monday
  • They are playing “Zack”
  • →who is Zack?
  • → on of the officers mentioned there was little incentive for people to come because they could play remotely…example A is this “Zack”
  • “Nice guys!” “Good job guys” → first positive comment

7: 36 — A is complaining about lag

7:41 — Big fight, most of the team died

  • talking about weapons
  • E is vocalizing what she’s doing and that she’s “warding things”
  • N “please explain WHERE Zack is, whenever you all just say ‘zack is here’ it freaks me out”
  • no quiet pauses yet tonight, team very vocal (isn’t there a league article about this?)

7:45 — A is talking to R about the club

  • Someone it putting things on big screen…just kidding
  • A moved to a big computer because of her computer lagging

7:49 — Do we need to install game recorders on games?

  • “Guys help me bait the barron. Guys help me bait the barron. *raises voice* Guys get out of lane, help me bait the barron”
  • A talking to me about a E-sports diversity (cross-pollination to get word out about this club)
  • Rushing dragon, told to back out
  • “Caitlin, I have more movement speed you need to stay with the team”
  • → addresses N as “Caitlin”

7:58 — attacking dragon again

  • An talking about her game with Aw
  • Talking about pantheon and how only played because of a video
  • “Vi take…”
  • → unusual use of champion names not actually names or usernames

8:01 — “Push turret on this wave”

  • Same guy giving the same commands
  • Why is he leading? What/who made him the leader?
  • “That was supposed to be my penta kill” “You weren’t going to get the pentakill” “Just hit the turret dude”
  • “This is the game that you’re like ‘we’re getting shit on early’ but then you say ‘Ha!’” “we weren’t getting shit on early
  • N starts taking a quiz

8:05 — talking about skins

  • Playing another game?
  • “As if he wasn’t AIDS enough”
  • “We can do the same COMP again”

8:10 — Next game started

  • R: “People are so annoying”
  • talking about Krugs?

8:22 — “Didn’t Ted Cruz withdraw”

  • talking about politics
  • A asked if anyone supported Trump
  • “I’m slightly republican” was said meekly

8:27 — “Are you guys okay?” “memes have ruined us”

  • Debating Morgana's ult

8:32 — “Are you gonna punish her?” “don’t get creepy with it, mate” “i second that, don’t get creepy”

  • Another person “DCed”
  • R watching A play

8:36 — “I’ve died 5 times now…a little help would be nice”

  • “The bronze is strong with this one” → officers mentioned they wanted more people to come, especially casual players who weren’t necessarily even ranked. comments like this turn people off