Emerging Animal Cafes San Francisco

If you love animals, tea and coffee, then San Francisco is the place where they combine both of those together.

Imagine one day you are sitting in an ordinary cafe, drinking your coffee, and thinking about life or what not. Something crosses your mind or you are just bored and have nothing to do for the day. Well now San Francisco is creating cafes that have animals where you will be able to enjoy your cup of coffee along with some furry friends by your side. These emerging animal cafes will be the next trendy hang out spot where you can go with your friends and comfort not only yourselves but the animals as well.

The first animal cafe is a cat cafe known as “Kit Tea” which is located on Gough and Market street in San Francisco. This cute cafe offers a one hour session with the cats with bottomless cups of their famous Japanese Green Teas. Not only that, but Kit Tea has other types of tea and coffee to enjoy along with some pastries and sandwiches. There are 11 cats that were rescued from shelters all around California. They even have one-two cats that are adoptable at this cafe. The prices for this one hour session ranges from $15-$25 per person and can only attend by a reservation.

A photo of Kit Tea, Www.kitteasf.com

The next emerging animal cafe is a rat cafe. Many people do not like rats, so this cafe may not be so intriguing. This rat cafe is located at the San Francisco Dungeon, which is a popular tourist attraction. The rats will be at the cafe on July 1st and July 8th with tickets costing $50 per person. You will be able to enjoy and drink all you want coffee while having a nice visit with the rats. According to the San Francisco Dungeon, the rats are friendly and not harmful.

A Photo Pf San Francisco Dungeon Rat Cafe, Www.cnet.com

With having two animal cafes already available in San Francisco, there are many more still being planned out. Since San Francisco is already a home to a cat cafe, a canine cafe is in process. NextGen Shelter Project and Innovation Dog Training and Education are teaming up to create this Canine cafe. It will be a non-profit cafe that will help adoptable dogs find homes. So next time you are out and about drop by one of these animal cafes and enjoy yourself with animals and endless coffee or tea.

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