Open Source Contributions are part of my Professional Development
Cristian Medina

Excellent post! While I totally support and believe we need commercial, closed software that does not mean every keystroke of every developer working on it needs to remain or should remain closed-source, lawyer guarded IP.

In fact, there is probably a good 50% of the code that is not your core product but simply there to support your core project. Why not open source those bits when it makes sense?

Moreover, companies that treat their software people as indentured servants (anything you think, we own. anything you type, we own, even on your vacation, your thoughts and dreams are ours), are totally shooting themselves in the foot, on full auto. That is a great way to get your best developers to run, not walk, from your organization.

I’ll leave you with this. A song that may resonant. May not be safe for work if your manager wears a tie.


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