Hi everyone,

In this article, I’m gonna talk about Enums in Swift. At Plus Minus One we love using enums.

Enums are mostly used as a basic type defining structure by most of the developers, but actually, they can be used in a very wide range.

You can see official documentation here. As you can see Enums are much more capable than you think.

I will be presenting some of the use cases of Enums from our team below.

Enums can conform to protocols

Yes, enums can conform protocols. You can use Swift’s own protocols or custom protocols. …

Icons are taken from Vitaly Gorbachev’s icon set. https://www.flaticon.com/packs/gems

Hello everyone,

Before Auto Layout and before iPhone had only one device size, everything was defined by pixels. Because you have one device size and because there is no such thing as Auto Layout generally everything was static.

In 2012 Apple introduced us iPhone 5 with a brand new 4-inch device size. Also that year they released Auto Layout because things were changing. Our views had to be responsive since we have two different device sizes.

Did you ever feel the lack of proper container view when using Auto Layout in those dark days? …

App transfer is fairly simple process but it’s not well known since we rarely transfer our apps. You can not find enough tutorials about the process because once we are done with it probably we won’t ever need it again. 😄

Dolap has been founded in 2016 and joined to Trendyol in 2018. Till last week we were operating on our own Apple Developer Account and App Store Connect account. Last week we have transferred Dolap iOS App to Trendyol’s account. …

Hello everybody, in this post I will talk about a custom component we are using in Dolap.

IBDesignable customizable, gradient bordered label view written in Swift.

Hey guys,

Some time ago our designer wanted an approval page with a vertical slider. This page is coming after some form screens (where user fills some info) and by sliding down the slider you can see the page beneath it. Also by sliding the slider to bottom end, user is approving the info he has filled.

You can see a ugly demo of it at top. (Purely designed by me 😅)

For this task, I’ve chosen to create IBDesignable custom slider which uses a xib file for reusing it in other projects via storyboards. My main aim was to…

M. Kerem Keskin

Lead Dev at plusminusone.co

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