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Everyone has their favourite book about magic. For one person it is Tolkien, for another Pratchett, for a third, like me, it is Max Frei. Today I am going to tell you about my favourite IT magic: BPF and the modern infrastructure surrounding it.

BPF is currently at the height of its popularity. The technology is striding ahead by leaps and bounds, reaching into unexpected places, and becoming ever more accessible to the ordinary user. Virtually every popular conference nowadays has a talk on this subject, and back in August I was invited to give a talk at GopherCon Russia.

I had such a good experience there that I wanted to share about it with as many as possible. This article will give you the context for why we need something like BPF, help you understand when and how to use it and how it can help you as an engineer and improve the projects you are working on. …

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My name is Marko and I gave a talk at Gophercon Russia this year about a very interesting kind of indexes called “bitmap indexes”. I wanted to share it with the community, not only in video format, but as an article too. Please enjoy!

Additional materials, slides and all the source code can be found here:

Original video recording:

Let’s begin!


Marko Kevac

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