Jarvis — A feature-rich Zulip Chat Bot

“Jarvis” — Excited !! , Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

What is Jarvis ?

Jarvis is an Intelligent Bot lets you perform utility and fun stuff like games,.
Built with Python ❤ and Zulip Api , Jarvis-Bot is the most feature-rich unofficial ZulipChat Bot .Jarvis is free and open sourced.

What features does Jarvis provide ?

It provides features such as -

  • News based on Keyword
  • Live Sports Score
  • View Lyrics of Songs
  • View Movie Details
  • Weather forecasting
  • Dictionary based search
  • Currency Conversion Viewer
  • Calculator
  • To-Do List
  • NLP based Instant Response
  • Remote Login Via Bot
  • Access file lists of a system via bot
  • View Man Page of any Linux Command Line
  • Games
  • Hangman
  • Scrabble
  • Stone-Paper-Scissor
  • Memory-Game

How we built Jarvis

  • We used Zulip Api as our User Interface platform.
  • Our backend scripts work in Python , used API’s for some task
  • Build Algorithms for implementing game bot within Jarvis
  • Implemented a SSH based service for File System Acces over Bot itself
  • Implemented a NLP based response system for enhancing user experience

Hands on Jarvis : Deploying the Bot

To deploy Jarvis bot using your local machine as server, follow following steps:

  • Firstly create a zulip organisation on which you want to deploy bot. If you already have one then you may skip this step.
  • Register a new bot user on the Zulip server’s web interface.
  • Log in to the Zulip server.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Your bots -> Add a new bot. Select Generic bot for bot type, set both bot-name and bot username to Jarvis and click on Create bot.
  • A new bot user should appear in the Active bots panel.
  • Download the bot’s zuliprc configuration file to your computer.
  • Go to Settings -> Your bots
  • In the Active bots panel, click on the little green download icon to download its configuration file zuliprc (the structure of this file is explained here).
  • Make sure sure that your system has following packages installed -
  • enchant (Please make sure your enchant version is <= 1.6.1–2)
  • sshpass (For debian based system install using sudo apt-get install sshpass)
  • aspell-en (For debian based system install using sudo apt-get install aspell-en)
  • Install all required python packages, rum command pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Now we are all set, to run bot enter following command zulip-run-bot <absolute path to jarvisBot.py file > --config-file <absolute path to downloaded zuliprc file>

Example Usage — zulip-run-bot ~/Projects/JarvisBot/bot/jarvisBot --config-file ~/Projects/JarvisBot/bot/zuliprc

  • You can now finally use power of Jarvis in your organisation.

Screenshots :

Latest news :

Song Lyrics :

Popular Trending Movies :

Popular Trending Shows :

Movie Search :

TODO List :

Cricket Scores :

Currency Converter :

Dictionary :

Man Page Of Command :

NLP Based Output :

Calculator :

Hangman Game :

Want to contribute ?

Feel free to report issues and bugs . Suggest additional features.
Check out our Github Repo , More Zulip bots , email !!