Why I Love the Minnesota Timberwolves

A little levity after a long week.

I want to get this into print before the Timberwolves bandwagon gets too full.

I have always loved basketball. Playing, watching, and anything else that revolved around it. March Madness is my favorite sporting event of the year. I don’t think there is a better weekend than the opening round with games starting at noon and lasting until midnight for 4 straight days. It has even been a fun tradition with roommates and friends. The group takes a trip to one of the NCAA sites every year. I haven’t been able to go every year, but every year I’ve gone, it’s been amazing.

But that is beside the point. Even with my love of college basketball, I never really got into the NBA. It never intrigued me like the college game did. That changed when a couple of friends started a fantasy basketball league. With my serial hobbyist mindset, of course I joined and was all in. And I took it serisouly. Maybe a little too serious.

As I participated in the league, I watched more and more games. After a year of watching and falling in love with the NBA, I wanted to pick a favorite team. My decision was pretty simple. I had two players I loved watching in the NBA. One was Steph Curry. The other was Ricky Rubio. Ricky Rubio was the smooth assist man who I had watched ever since he came from Spain. Steph got hurt too often for my liking. One year after making this decision, the Warriors won the Championship while the TWolves won the NBA lottery (worst record). Good decision.

Now, I have a TWolves sticker on the back of my car, a Ricky Rubio jersey, and even some TWolves socks. Next step, tattoo of the new logo! I’ve even gone to a game in Atlanta! The arena was half full because both teams were terrible at the time.

Now, you better hurry to jump on the bandwagon! I say see ya later Ricky (traded to the Jazz and now I’m not sure what to do with the Rubio jersey I own) and hello KAT, Wiggins, and Jimmy Butler! I’m all in on the TWolves. You can be too! Look up the roster and learn how to pronounce Thibodeau. You can join in on the ground floor of the greatest dynasty ever build. But there will always be bigger fans than me and you, like this guy with the hoodie and jersey combo. Kudos. (My goal is to not take it this far, but go for it if you so choose.)

Warriors and Cavs are losing this year. TWolves will be the 2017–2018 NBA champions. You heard it here first.

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