#HRU — a day w/ innovators of people analytics

#HRU, an international event bringing HR tech professionals together to discuss innovation and ideas.

I was fortunate to be invited to the #HRU New York conference by my good friend and HR guru Taras Polischuk, and might I say it was eye opening. The topic of discussion was focused on “People Analytics” and the introduction of data driven decision making around the workforce.

Speakers were a diverse mix of HR leaders at large organizations (e.g. Razorfish, Barclays, etc.) and HR tech innovators developing the next generation of tools disrupting the world of HR.

One area of discussion that really captivated my mind was a development being undertaken by the Razorfish team, creating an in house platform to completely change their performance management process. They want to introduce a mobile platform that generates instantaneous feedback for employees from their peers. Essentially on the way out of the meeting an employee can get a request to rate the performance of a peer that was in the meeting. Employees will be able to set goals, create a mentor network, and track their own “fitbit” like metrics all in the app. Through this employees and managers will have constant insight to performance and constructive feedback can also be instantaneous.

In my opinion, I think that this approach is absolutely revolutionary in the world of performance management processes. In the world of annual reviews, all that can be remembered clearly is the performance of an employee in the past 2–3 months which can lead to overlooking significant strides made earlier in the year, with this approach data will be collected and aggregated real time, generating the employees story over their tenure.

The biggest value I see in this approach is the wealth of data that will be collected to quantify the key skills and attributes that make a person highly successful in a role. Often when recruiting a manager selects candidates purely on what they believe will be the key skills required. The data collected over time about the current employee population can be fed into the talent acquisition process to identify external candidates that fit the “proven” profile of success.

The crowd was filled with HR tech innovators and I was able to spend some time with Aki Kikko, the founder of Joberate, a platform as a service measuring job seeking behaviors of the global workforce. The platform scrapes data from across the web and a variety of data sources to provide a “J” score for a person of interest. The “J” score is a rating that measures a person’s likelihood in making a job change in the near future. While this may be attractive to recruiters when creating a target candidate list to reach out to, this could also be a great tool for assessing flight risk amongst employees with critical roles within an organization.

If we want to get creative, I can see this idea not only being of interest to HR but potentially to investors assessing a company of interest. Who knows if that stock will be as attractive as it was when you realize that most of the key leaders are looking to jump ship!

Many thanks to the #HRU team for running an awesome event, looking forward to many more.

Mohamed T. Khalil