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6 Reasons Trump LOST the Election by +7.5 Mil Votes and the 6 Crimes He May Have Committed — Was The Donald a Longtime Russian Asset?

by Michael Hammerschlag

Let’s be honest here: while Hillary officially WON by 2.865 million votes in the popular vote; Putin’s hacking + dribbling embarrassments over 5 months (first reported in June) lost Hillary 2–4 mil votes easily by alienating Sanderistas; the 28 state Cross-Check voter purge scam removed an estimated 1 million supposed “duplicate” voters; 40-odd voter suppression laws in Repub controlled states enacted: criminally strict voter ID laws (license or Passport only); reduced early voting + same day voting, fewer voting machines in Dem + inner city areas (including older junk machines that broke down) — easily another 1–2 million Dem votes thrown out; and Comey’s Oct. Surprise monkey wrench swayed another 1–3 million.

Add that up, and Hillary Clinton WON BY A BARE MINIMUM OF 7.5 MILLION VOTES, but the total Trump margin in 13 swing states containing over 1/3 of the voters was only 816K, so Clinton should have received a minimum 2.5 million more votes across those 13 states, 3x the winning margin, more in the 3 traditionally Dem states (WI,MI,PA) where she lost the Election by only 78K total (Stein’s votes alone would have made her President!). Without those 5 corrupting interferences, Hillary’s massive popular victory would have likely crushed Trump in the Electoral College, and Dems would have taken the Senate too on its coattails.

TRUMP SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE OFFICE: HE LOST, due to the interference of a foreign enemy, which he publicly encouraged!!! That is TREASON! The proven involvement of enemy meddling alone should be enough to invalidate this election- it was the one thing the Founders were most worried about- it, along with bribery (which Trump seems to flirt with every day), are the only 2 offenses explicitly listed as Impeachable crimes. Only 26.3% of registered voters voted for Trump. Mr. Trump’s sprawling business empire and involvements are completely impossible to divorce from the nation’s business, especially when HE brings them up constantly- even a blind trust wouldn’t prevent him from knowing what he owned, and he has no intention of really using a blind trust. His children, he tells us, are blind.

But I believe Mr. Trump could have been jailed anytime on 6 different offenses:

A. FRAUD- he repeatedly borrowed hundred of millions from banks with no real intention of repaying, files suits and fighting for decades, eventually defaulting. Intending to do that from the start is fraud, but that is how he handles himself with most of his deals, including fighting the $4/hr illegal workers were supposed to make clearing one of his sites until they gave up. B. BRIBERY- being investigated by the Florida AG (and NJ AG) about the authenticity of his Trump University, he made big campaign contributions, in fact constant sizable political donations seems how he has avoided jail says biographer David Cay Johnston; when he was defaulting on $1 billion of bank loans, the NJ Casino Control Commission even encouraged the banks to write it off,
C. MOLESTATION/ASSAULT- grabbing, jumping, and assaulting women- 20 have come forward with stories of piggishly criminal behavior by Mr Trump.,
D. THREATENING CLINTON’s LIFE: twice speculating whether somebody (2nd Amendment people) might shoot her- he even endangered his own Secret Service agents doing that,
E. FOREIGN ESPIONAGE: encouraging Russians to hack HRC’s emails. Russian hackers also interfered in House races in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina! Even now, 2 weeks from office, he ridicules and derides US Intelligence Agencies, trusting instead a murderous KGB dictator!
F. TREASON: Acting as an agent of a foreign power! According to a former British intelligence operative doing Oppo Research, Trump was under the Kremlin’s control for 5 years, a blackmailed and paid asset. “Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance. Trump.. and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals.” He claimed that Russian intelligence had “compromised” Trump during his visits to Moscow and could “blackmail him.” and notified the FBI in July, with all his proof in August. This secret foreign flow of stolen inside info was the 6th Reason Trump actually lost.

FBI’s Comey

According to Slate, Mr. Trump had a secret server connected to the powerful Russian ALFA Bank for the last year, and Russian leaders have bragged they were communicating throughout the campaign. It is virtually impossible to believe the hacking wasn’t discussed- moments after the Hollywood Access tape came out, WikiLeaks dumped thousands of Podesta’s emails. The FBI could have exposed THIS underhanded plot and contacts and crushed Trump’s prospects rather than Hillary’s in the breathtakingly corrupt intercession by Comey 11 days before the election. It seems they didn’t care very much about stopping the hacking either- in 8 months the FBI agent couldn’t walk 15 minutes down the street to visit the DNC or inform their leaders- just kept talking to a dimwitted tech who doubted his bonafides. For 70 years Kremlin has spied and plotted against America- but unbelievably, with a slow leak of embarrassing stolen documents, the Kremlin and KGB man Putin seems to be about to install a Fellow Traveler into the White House, and America is sheep-like and robotically acting like there is nothing we can do!! This is the most invalid corrupted election ever, dwarfing 2000 or anything in our history- 3 of 4 Branches of Government have been Flipped, apparently by an enemy power!!

After ridiculing the hacking findings for months, Republicans suddenly are outraged and holding investigations, meaning they may be setting the stage for Impeachment of President Donald, because he scares them too. But with 40 million devoted acolytes immune to facts, truth, or reason; would Donald Trump allow himself to be Impeached and Removed, without sending his Orange Shirts into the street to terrorize his “enemies” (who number in the millions)? Can you imagine the level of hysteria by the Repubs if Hillary had been implicated as a foreign stooge??!

The Inauguration should be delayed 5 weeks until this Investigation into Putin’s compromat hacking finishes- they have a right to know if the so-called President is a puppet of an enemy power. It would give Congress a chance to weigh alternatives- any and every scheme, rule, or tactic should be employed to prevent this dangerous demagogue or possible foreign traitor from taking power, or reducing what power he will have. Because he may never relinquish it.

WHY TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION! Was DT a Russian Asset? 6 reasons Trump LOST the Election by +7.5 ml votes http://bit.ly/2iQftSm

Michael Hammerschlag is a journalist whose political commentary and articles have appeared in New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Seattle Times, Providence Journal, Columbia Journalism Review, Honolulu Advertiser, Capital Times, Global Post, Yahoo, Business Insider, Outside, Modern Photography, Intellectual Capital, Media Channel, Scoop; Kiev Post + Weekly, Business Ukraine, PIK in Kiev; and Moscow News, Tribune, Guardian, + Times; Novaya Gazeta + We/Mui in Russia. He has produced documentaries on the Presidential campaign, covered 4 US campaigns, broken major stories in the 2000 Election scandal, been a TV reporter, and reported from Soviet Union/Russia from ‘91-’94 . He returned to Russia, Europe + Ukraine from 2007–2015, where he covered Maidan and the PutInvasions.



Michael Hammerschlag

Michael Hammerschlag spent over 15 years in Russia + Ukraine from 1991 to 2021, articles in NYT, IHT, Prov Journal, Seattle Times, Yahoo, Business Insider, CJR