You’re the Ocean to me.

Mysterious and Unpredictable.
I couldn’t help myself, I had to feel the water,
though to my surprise,
it was bone-chillingly cold.
I could have run back, 
I could have buried myself in the warm sand,
I could have.

For some reason, I did not need to or care to. 
I walked deeper into your waters and with every step my body grew more accustomed to the cool Ocean.
Or so I thought.

The tide began to pull me deeper,
the waves now felt warm; I did not resist.
I was relaxed,
I felt abnormally safe,
So I ran, I ran into the Ocean,
and almost instantly the water grew unbearably cold, the tide pulled back, and surged towards me, pushing me to shore.

Heartbroken from false hope, I left.

Still, I couldn’t stay away.
I went back to the Ocean, day after day, month after month, hoping for more, yet experienced the same every time,
The comfort followed by the jolt of reality.
Still, I couldn’t stay away.

Months ago, I entered your waters,
when I felt the urge to run, I instead fell to my knees, and the tide pulled me deeper.
You allowed me in, neck deep.
Without a breath, without hesitation, I submerged my entire being into the depths of the Ocean,
and I fell in love.

I fell in love with Mysterious and Unpredictable,
and as a result, I’m forever drowning in Uncertainty.

You’re the Ocean to me.