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5 Reasons why you need “one team” for your organization?

Mohamad Khawaja
Apr 1, 2016 · 2 min read

While there are 1000+ reasons to use one team as a corporate social network, here are our top 5.

Background: one team is a great social engagement tool developed at Startappz for organizations of the future!

5 Reasons why you need one team for your organization?

1. It’s dynamic, entertaining -yet moderated- and the most popular mobile communication channel for your great team!

While the intranet and other web solutions are dying, one team can help you shape the culture of your organization and form a social bond among your team members wherever they are!

2. Integrate with your existing HR management system to allow you use the same user access you already have.

one team integrates with the top 100+ HR management tools to make your access as easy as possible. Fingerprint and pin are also supported.

3. Events shall have a special taste!

With one team, you can easily notify your team about upcoming events and help everyone share their special moments (photos and videos) and spread the fun even with those who didn’t make it!

4. It helps you discover Talent, and recognize it!

“Your companies’s got Talent”-section inside the app makes it vibrant and special. It shall help you discover what are special talents your team -and their families/friends- have!

5. 24/7 Garage Sale!

Why to go to Craigslist when you have a buyer inside your organization? One team offers a marketplace for your team to sell and buy from their colleagues across the organization.

Submit your request for more details about this exciting corporate social network here!

and get special rewards if you you use this reward code [1team2016sblog]

(Disclaimer: I’m a proud member of startappz team!)

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Originally published at on April 1, 2016.

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