IoT brings more power to “mobile” as the center of “everything”!

Mohamad Khawaja
Aug 10, 2015 · 2 min read

I’ve just enjoyed listening to a16z’s podcast (episode embedded at the bottom) about how the smartphone is becoming the Sun! or “the center of Tech” as Benedict Evans described it; any device, system or service now has greater chances to grow and spread being part of the mobile ecosystem and supply chain.

Drones, wearables, connected TVs, automated homes and all such products are connected to the internet of things (IoT). Various services as well have gained momentum just because they are part of the mobile and smart device world. Many other industries like automotive (cars), Food & Beverage, fashion, transportation (taxi/uber) and others are learning this trend and finding their way to get into our phones, otherwise, they will get much less attention.

The smart phone is the first universal device humanity has ever produced and it’s taking control of the other “things” you own, even your fridge, weighing scale, watch, shoes or treadmill.

I hope startup founders and entrepreneurs out there realize that going mobile is no longer a luxury! I work at startappz and we advise many governments and corporates on their digital strategies and help them execute them. I’m glad to see bold initiatives from our partners who think -and some actually believes in- “mobile-first” and put it always at the center of action.

Whether you are a laundry service provider in Riyadh (like or a Police department in Dubai, going mobile inevitable. Don’t know how? Ask the experts @ startappz! 😉

Enjoy the podcast!

Image source // wavefront

Originally published at on August 10, 2015.

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