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Why apps focusing on its purpose are much more successful?

Mohamad Khawaja
Mar 26, 2016 · 3 min read

The world is full of talented people around the world but few really do change it. Why? they run startups and work in businesses that do not have a purpose!

Being purposeful is what makes us special at Startappz

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I’ve been analyzing many businesses around the world during my travel, who are failing (or succeeding) due to this simple -yet so critical- reason. Having all team aligned: aware of its purpose and working towards it.

But, How to find/design your purpose?

As your purpose should be driving your business, you should play a recursive mind game I found in this blog post.

It’s asking yourself series of “benefit of” questions:

Take a blank sheet and write down what your business is doing.

Ask yourself: What’s the benefit of that?

Write it down below the first statement. Ask the same question about your answer and write below.

Keep doing the same pattern as many times as you can — at least 7 times if possible. It’s better to do this exercise in a team environment. If you are have been honest, you should end up with an insightful statement at the bottom of the page (or board as you do the team exercise).

What we are doing at Haddaf?

Offer you news, live score feed for your favorite teams, giving you the chance to predict results and quizzes.

What’s the benefit of that?

Allows to follow your favorite teams anytime anywhere, test your knowledge and get “rewards and recognition”.

What’s the benefit of that?

Offering a rewarding experience for soccer fans in Arabia.

The result will help you come up the right brand, marketing strategy and all communication messages you may have with your audience. The ultimate benefit is the real value proposition you are giving.

Purpose inside your work environment

Your purpose is definitely the DNA of your business, it’s your way to show that your business can make a difference and you are here for more than money!

The power of purpose is underestimated in the workplace. There isn’t a clear link between individual contribution and the true purpose of the work. The result is work done in isolation with a sense of disconnect.

LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman writes about the power of purpose at work. Hoffman and his co-founders were determined to preserve their shared sense of purpose as a core value, even as they grew.

“According to Imperative researches, purpose-oriented employees are:

* 54 percent more likely to stay at a company for 5-plus years

* 30 percent more likely to be high performers

* 69 percent more likely to be Promoters on Bain & Company’s eNPS scale, which measures employee engagement and loyalty ”.

As Hoffman has referred in his article “ Companies that understand the increasing emphasis of purpose in today’s professional landscape improve their ability to attract such employees and also their ability to retain them for longer periods of time.”

Managers/CEO can benefit from this experience by clearly defining the purpose of an employee’s role, whether that is business as usual, as part of the team objectives, within a change project. Detailing the value of every role allows individuals to establish their own sense of meaning and connection, increasing their desire to contribute to the team success.

This has guided Hoffman’s own efforts for more than a decade now, and it continues to help him attract and retain exactly the kind of committed professionals who are helping them to realize their our vision.

If your business has a purpose and look for a partner who can help you achieve it. Startappz definitely can!

Originally published at on March 26, 2016.

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