Does everyone really need to hear this information at the exact same time? I’d bet not.
Status meetings are the scourge
Jason Fried

I’ve appreciated some of your past writing, but I have to admit the strong stance in this post has thrown me off a little bit. Especially after reading this one recently about “everyone” and “no one”.

While I can buy the argument that verbally sharing the state of something synchronously isn’t always the best use of time and energy (especially if the state is just “in progress”), there are some people who just get it better through hearing and speaking than writing and reading.

I’m also somewhat in agreement with your argument that putting your thoughts in writing is a skill worth mastering. It makes indexing knowledge for future search easier on behalf of the current computer’s capabilities.

But in a perfect world, the perfect tool would conform to us, not the other way around. So I’m looking forward to the days when collaboration and communication tools, like Basecamp, Slack, Hipchat, and Teams can index our voices and do all sorts of great things with that information.