The 5 Dimensions of a Great Product

As defined by Jeff Weiner (@jeffweiner), CEO of LinkedIn

  1. Great products start with a singular purpose and have laser-like focus. They deliver on a singular value proposition in a truly world class way. It’s easier to be great at something when you’re solely focused on one-thing.
  2. Great products are simple, intuitive, and anticipate customer needs.
  3. Great products exceed expectations.
    A customer will never forget when your product/service exceeds their expectations. Even over time, if the customer is not having a great time with the product, you’ll be forgiven. Exceeding expectations generates loyalty equity.
  4. Great products resonate emotionally.
    Describe how a product you love makes you feel. Passion for a product is a byproduct of a great user experience.
  5. Great products change your life in a meaningful way.