A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

Sincerely The Real Pokemon Fans?

Who decides, that, someone privileged, and probably health and living in a busy city? Are all 50+ million of players who used Pokevision cheaters and not a true fan because you said so and have a prejudiced view of how we used it? Nevermind you attacking a strawman version of Yang.

It’s more than inconsiderate to get on your self-righteous high horse and determine who are true, hardcore fans of Pokemon. Some people are disabled. Some people live in a rural area with no safe roads to walk. Some people are in both situations and doubly can’t walk and wonder around.

No, you’re not the very best, and you’re not the hero in this story. You’re self-righteous, quick to dismiss and condemn others, intolerant and judgmental, think you speak for the “right” side or assume you’re in right side to begin with, and self-centered in thinking the world resolves around you and your own ideals.

You know who else thought like that? Team Rocket: the villains. Every villain thinks they’re in the right, the hero of the story, and that everyone else can be thrown in the gutter. And that is you.


A nameless Pokemon fan who isn’t speaking on behalf of all fans, but is a true fan nevertheless.

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